Welcome to Early Inquirers Preschool

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Welcome to Early Inquirers Preschool

Please note that our site contains limited information as we prefer families to come and visit a class in session. Please call or email us with any questions you may have!.

We believe in . . . 

providing children with the freedom to discover and explore through play.

​fostering a child's natural curiosity.

the process, not the product, in all aspects of our program.

the concept that choice is an important part of the learning process.

emphasizing socialization, creative thinking, language development, and problem solving.

the idea that children should play an active role in their environment

providing materials and feedback that children can use to further their understanding of the world.

working together in partnership with families to prepare children for further education.

At Early Inquirers Preschool children are given the freedom to discover the world on their own, without the pressures of 'forced learning'.

Our play-based program enables children to build a ranges of skills and provides them with a positive foundation for further development.

We believe in an environment that is secure, nurturing, and supportive for all children while still recognizing the individual differences

and needs of each child. Our classroom is set up to provide a balance of activities that help children progress in all areas of

development including social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.